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Giving text links a tooltip: Having done the above, giving any text link a "tooltip" is a snap. Simply add the following code to the tag of the link in question: onMouseover="showtip(this,event,'Visit Dynamic Drive for DHTML Scripts!')" onMouseout="hidetip()" with the part in red representing the text you want shown inside the tip. An example would be: Dynamic Drive If the text inside the tooltip is very long, and you wish to "break it" (like the tip for Techweb above), simply add the
tag to the text. For example: onMouseover="showtip(this,event,'Visit Techweb for the latest happenings
in the computer sector ')" onMouseout="hidetip()" Giving image map a tooltip: The process for giving your image map a tooltip is the exact same as for text links. Simply insert the same code after the href attribute of each image spot. For example: imagemap.gif (14679 bytes) Note to Frontpage 98 (and other similar html editor) users: In Frontpage 98, an image map is represented as a "bot", meaning that when you view the source of the image map within the editor, the href attribute of the individual spots are not revealed. This is a problem, since the tooltip code has to be inserted right alongside the href attribute. To get around this, open the file using a simple text editor. The href attribute will be present, allowing you to insert the tooltip script.